October 10, 2017

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Facesitting Femdom in white Jeans

Mistress Daniela wears her sexy white jeans today!

Her jeans is very tight but she wants to sit on her slave now! On the face of her slave!

For the slave its very painfull but Mistress Daniela decides to sit fullweight on his face!


June 15, 2017

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Facesitting Princess Serena

Sexy Facesitting Princess Serena forced her slave to be her new couch!

From today on he only wants to sit on his face and not any more on her normal couch!

She enjoys it to humiliate this Loser!

FacesittingGirl Serena – CLICK HERE

June 11, 2017

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Spitting and Smoking

Sexy Mistress Juli likes to spit today in the mouth of her slave!

She enjoys her cigarette and then she spits more and more in the slaves face and mouth!

The bound slave cant escape! She forced him to open his mouth wide!

Download her video now!


May 25, 2017

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Jerk Off for Amanda Rey

Amanda Rey has an awesome hot ass and you have to jerk off for her sexy ass today!

You like her ass right? Yes you do! Start to stroke your dick for Amanda now!


May 25, 2017

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Maxfemdom is going on

After 6 years we are going on with new postings 🙂

Im sure you will like the new femdom content.

Have a nice day 🙂

April 15, 2011

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The Flaglady

The Flaglady – also called as the “leather Mistress” is found on flaglady.de . As you can see on the domain, it’s a professional german Mistress. As I first enteres her site I was searching for the enterbutton but there’s no one: You need to click the picture, found on the intro page. Once you have entered the site you will find some different sections like the”startpage, a gallery, locations, about her and a way to contact her – just to name a few. The startpage contains a picture of herself and thousands of things she does written beneath the picture. She does everything that deals with flagging, spanking and beating.

Inside the gallery you can find a few pictures of her, wearing  nice leather dresses. She also shows herself holding a bullwhip in her hands.

The “about me” area tells you more about herself and what she does like: Falgellation (with different utilities such as the seen bullwhip, role plays, shoe- and foot erotic, chain holding, long time enslavement, imprisioning, breathe reduction and breathe control, TV-education and also special massages.

She also offers a cell phone number to call her. There are different pictures inside the location area – which show possible locations she offers for her sessions.

The Mistress is located in Heidelberg in germany.

March 8, 2011

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Couching club

As I first heared the word “couching club” I was a bit blushed and didn’t really know how to category it. Today I know that couching describes an interesting fetish fantasy where dominant mistresses combine their slaves with their furnitures. They make them lay on the ground and stuck them between sofas or chairs and then they simply sit on those furnitures knowing that the slave suffers under their weight and is not able to free himself.

The ladies often also humiliate their victims by spitting on them or making use of their bad situations by resting their shoes or feet on their faces.

Couching-Club is a very interesting fetish for anyone who loves trampling, female domination, humiliation and furniture degradation.

February 7, 2011

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Mistress of Hypnosis

This Mistress is, what the name should make you expect it already, a professional hypnotic mistress. She has many abilities and focuses her talents all around hypnotical enslavement. She uses different techniques to put her slaves into a deep trance and make injects several triggers in their mind to call them whenever she wants them to obey her

Her website (http://mistressofhypnosis.blogspot.com) shows various pictures of herself where she always looks very demanding with her big sexy eyes. There’s a “hypno-audio” section where slaves and applicants can listen to her sample hypnotic audio files and also buy them on niteflirt. The “shop” section allows you to buy her full – she also calls – “mind fuck videos” where she brainwashes you and makes you become an addicted submissive slave. Inside her gallery she shares screenshots and captures taken from her videos with you. There’s also a toplist to find and some links which guide you to similiar pages.

All in all this Mistress is – not at least because of her special abilities – very interesting.

January 31, 2011

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German princess Jenny

Jenny is one of the most beautiful Mistresses I have ever seen and she knows how she affects on guys and especially slaves.

Since she has found out how to use guys for her advantage she dedicates a great part of her life to her new hobby which is “milking a slaves wallet empty”. She has established a website that you can find here: princess-jenny.com and

owns a shop on Yoogirls where she sells picture sets and high definition videos. Her website offer some basic informations about her like hobbies, likes, dislikes and informations about her body. There’s also a diary where she creates entries from time to time showing off what she just bought or made anyone else buy. Then the slave as got the option to join her site through 3 different “pay-slave” classes. The first class describes the job of an applicant who is allowed to spoil her 25,00€ per month. As reward the slave is able to see short clips and pictures. In class 2 the slave is actually known as slave and not ignored like the class 1 slave. He has to pay 25,00€ extra – which means a sum of 50,00€ per month. The last option is the class 3 slave. The Mistress will sty in contact with the slave and makes him pay her personal bills and also makes him send her gifts. The monthly tribute is set to 75,00€. The slave is allowed to see her full clips, even bare feet and soles are shown.

Visit her website now

December 18, 2010

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Goddesses Footboy ~ a review

This is my favorite store on YooGirls.com.
It offeres everything I love: Young, sexy, arrogant and snobby girls showing their bare feet, humiliating slaves and making them do very disgusting things.
They make them worship their feet in the public, at home, in hotels and force them to do nasty things like eating boogers or swallowing snot. Those girls really seem to enjoy what they are doing. The slaves are following each instruction also if its very ugly. The clips are awesome, teh quality is really great and what I personal especially like is the fact that each girl looks as if she likes to do what she does.
You get the impression that the girls like to wipe their boogers on slaves tongues or have them lick their sweaty feet clean. That makes this store so unique for me.
But see yourself…