December 6, 2010

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Foot cuckolding

What is foot cuckolding? Cuckolding is a well common to many people. It describes mostly relationships between a man and a woman where the man is kept as “cuckold”. That means he isn’t allowed to have sex with her and the wife has sexy with anyone she likes. Depending on the kind of the relationship there can be several modifications such as domination parts found. Some women don’t have just sex with another man, they also like to invoke their husband or their cuckold in that scenario to humiliate him and to raise the kick. In this case the cuckold is not rarely forced to lick his wifes pussy clean after the Bull (which describes the other man) has fucked and left her alone. Or he has to do it while he watches him. Sometimes there are even situations where the wife forces the cuckold to give her stud a blowjob. Especially if the cuckold never wants to do something like that it could be a great kick and response for his wife to make him step over that limit because she knows that he would never leave her. It’s also about addiction, and most of the cuckolds are addicted. They sometimes have small penises and through that fact they are not able to please their wifes or they have special fetishes and their wife just shares them with them if they behave like she wants him to. A foot cuckold can be a guy who actually cannot have sex without the integration of feet which is not rarely annoying to their wifes. So they build some kind of “Satisfaction-Community”. In this case cuckolding is combined with his fetish. He is allowed and only allowed to touch her feet, if she wants it and allows it – maybe as reward or just to humiliate him. And she is allowed to do anything she wants. She can have sex with someone else and according to their relationship she can invoke the cuckold to lick her feet while she’s fucked by her stud, or she makes him do more disgusting things like forcing him to lick her studs feet. Goddesses Footboy produced some clips which match with that topic. They show young women lying in a bed with their friends and having slaves licked her feet.

Or the young woman makes him lick the feet of her new boyfriend

Those are just two Examples, there are even situations where some Mistresses have their stud blow a load onto her feet and allow the cuckold to clean it up from her feet. Mostly it’s all about humiliation and degradation. Goddesses Footboy hits the nerve nearly everytime.

May 17, 2010

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Sado Sisters

Layla and Jane are the sadosisters from germany. Those girls are the cruelty in person. I have rarely seen two girls who are enjoying to humiliate and torturing male slaves soo much than those two girls. Their page offers a many preview pictures taken during their different sessions.
The memberssection includes footworship, spitting, trampling, facesitting and smothering, financial domination and lots of humiliation. Both girls are professional and assured by the things they do to their victims.

February 5, 2010

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Pros for femdom in a relationship

If a woman takes over the dominant part in a relationship, she can make the rules which of course is a positive aspect for her. There are different variations between the dominance-level. Its imaginable that a woman clarifies her power by dictating the television programm as well as another woman commands her husband to live in chastity.

Both differences sound big but they are not. The first Example can be the beginning of a raising dominance or even a small showdown. But in the most cases the woman who are dominant by nature start low and end very high. Of course they mostly cannot show their complete eagerness of power on a relation-beginning – that would ban the partner.

So they increase their levels to make sure to have the partner addicted to them. After he is brainwashed and not able to imagine a life without her, she can do nearly everything. I’ve seen woman who made their husbands clean their shoes in public, to show off their power – mostly the men think its a proof of love to to ‘everything’, but they don’t know their partner’s thoughts. In other cases woman make the legendary step into a ‘cuckold-relationship’ – which really means complete enslavement.

The men go to work daily, and as they arrive home they are forced to clean the house, do the laundry and even cook. The baddest part is the fact that the woman has the option to have sex with whoever and whenever she wants – even if it would be the mens best friend or chef. Whereas he has to live in absolute chastity – mostly forced by wearing some kind of chastity device.

Many woman introduce their cuckold-plans to their partners as an adjustment because of unsatisfied sexual desires – maybe because of a too small penis! In fear of loosing their woman, the men mostly agree to their plans – even if it means to be a cuckold.

January 28, 2010

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Sadistic Girls

That one is an insider-tip. is for everyone who simply loves dominant women, who are doing everything to their slaves.

This page contains shoe and boot worshipping, spanking, ass-worship, foot-worship, furniture-training,
foot-stool training, sock-smelling, pov-instructions, forced pantie-smelling, pony-riding,
spitting, forced feeding, moneyslavery and much more!!! Each fetish-section offers
many galleries and clips in different qualities. A perfect allrounder for everyone
who loves many scenarios then just one!

Link: Femdom Girls



November 4, 2008

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Money Mistress Time

Today i have 3 Money Mistresses for you. Just take a look for the links and spoil these girls. My favorite of these Ladies is Mistress Ahlena (the first link).

Mistress Ahlena


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Tabitah Jordan


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