October 28, 2010

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Maitresse Elsa

Maitresse Elsa is a very beautiful, french domina. Her website looks a bit spacy and freaky to me – everywhere you can find brushed metal patterns and structures. There are also very nice collages, showing this gorgeous mistress as cyborg. You get the impression that you are just visiting a modern-arts page – but that’s definitely wrong. Miss Elsa just merged art with her passion and created something really refreshing. I like her style and if you navigate through her page you will also find a members-section and of course a preview-section where you can figure out what she’s really doing in action, and this is quite an amount starting from bondage and ballbusting getting over to imprison scenarios and ending at forced feminization. By the way, maybe its a bit late for that, but her site of course is completely kept in french-language.


October 16, 2010

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Mistress Malice

This freaky young woman is called Mistress Malice. She attracts because of her individual style. She also changes her style from picture to picture. She offers many photos and lots of clips. There’s also a yahoo-group where you can stay in contact with her. Her Website is well filled with lots of content and she talks about nearly every thinkable from of sm. You can get informations to sessions, audio training and there’s also a slave section where brave guys can even turned into blackmail sluts.