November 12, 2010

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Lady Lucy – German Mistress

That’s Lady Lucy’s website. Missterss Lucy is a very strict, dark-haired and very beautiful domina whos loving in berlin, germanys main-city. Her website offers german and englisch languages and a lot of great content with many informations about herself, stories, photos and even videos. She offers nearly everything a slave could wish even exotic things like segufix fixation or forced feeding. Of course she also does the “standard” thing like foot-worship, trampling, spitting, ball-busting and so on. There is also an feedback-area on the website which contains many feedbacks written by her session slaves – and all of them are pretty nice to read and give you further informations about meetings with her. All in all its a very sexy german Mistress who might be the best choice for exotic and averaged slaves.

Lady Lucy

October 28, 2010

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Maitresse Elsa

Maitresse Elsa is a very beautiful, french domina. Her website looks a bit spacy and freaky to me – everywhere you can find brushed metal patterns and structures. There are also very nice collages, showing this gorgeous mistress as cyborg. You get the impression that you are just visiting a modern-arts page – but that’s definitely wrong. Miss Elsa just merged art with her passion and created something really refreshing. I like her style and if you navigate through her page you will also find a members-section and of course a preview-section where you can figure out what she’s really doing in action, and this is quite an amount starting from bondage and ballbusting getting over to imprison scenarios and ending at forced feminization. By the way, maybe its a bit late for that, but her site of course is completely kept in french-language.

May 17, 2010

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Sado Sisters

Layla and Jane are the sadosisters from germany. Those girls are the cruelty in person. I have rarely seen two girls who are enjoying to humiliate and torturing male slaves soo much than those two girls. Their page offers a many preview pictures taken during their different sessions.
The memberssection includes footworship, spitting, trampling, facesitting and smothering, financial domination and lots of humiliation. Both girls are professional and assured by the things they do to their victims.

May 5, 2010

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Miss Kristina

Miss Kristina is a nature dominant amazon brunette wie curly hair, long legs and a very demanding charisma. By entering her Page you can see a slideshow of images where you get a nice preview of this gorgeous young mistress. By reading a few articles of her blog you can see that this woman isn’t playing her dominance, she’s loving it as part of her person. She totally is into sissyfication, chastity, moneyslavery and everything that might ruin a submissive person. She even owns personal Drawings by Sardax. You can become a member of her page and see all of her teasing pictures and videos (feet, body, non-nude posing etc.) – for about $25.
You can also tribute and PN her through niteflirt.

Link: Adore Cristina

March 22, 2010

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Mistress Veronica

Mistress Veronica is your gothic nightmare! Behind this name you can find a crazy woman who lives her life in a very mixed way. Her outfits are from thrilled to normal and her interests are also assorted. BDSM seems to be very important for her, that’s why she takes it really serious. And she demands that seriusity from any applicant (keep that in mind).

She lists some interesting things she likes to do – for Example: CBT, anal training, ignore sessions, smoking fetish, spanking etc. She is very beautiful and definitely an exotic person.

Link: Mistress Veronica

March 9, 2010

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Facesitting Fetish Girls

Sexy dominant and sadistic girls use your face as their personal seat!
Thats what is all about. Currently 67 galleries with awesome shots – resolutions from 896px up to 1200px, different perspectives (pov: be part of the scenario and see their butts slowly covering your sight, 3rd view: watch those evil girls punishing and smothering their slaves and victims!).

More than 300 clips in different qualities (from low to high definition), show you how the smother-girls deal with their poor human-seats!

They struggle and fight but they cannot escape their destiny:

Beeing smothered!!! My oppinion: the beste smother-site world wide!

Link: Facesitting Girls

March 4, 2010

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Katrin von Bad

Katarina von Bad is young, gorgeous and very harsh and demanding mistress. She loves to wear leather, pvc and latex. Her body is really nice to see and her legs amazing. She is dominant by nature and her favourite fetish is the financial-slavery. She loves milking her slaves wallets dry. But she’s also into many other things like CBT, Role-Play, Human Ashtray etc. her website offers the possibility to tribute her via paypal and niteflirt. She also lists her top slaves in a ranking with short description to each. Very hot and very cruel – exactly what I like in a woman…

Link: Katrina von Bad