May 17, 2010

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Sado Sisters

Layla and Jane are the sadosisters from germany. Those girls are the cruelty in person. I have rarely seen two girls who are enjoying to humiliate and torturing male slaves soo much than those two girls. Their page offers a many preview pictures taken during their different sessions.
The memberssection includes footworship, spitting, trampling, facesitting and smothering, financial domination and lots of humiliation. Both girls are professional and assured by the things they do to their victims.

May 4, 2010

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Spitting Domination

Like the title says the site iis all about spitting beauties.

They spit on their shoes, humiliate their slaves and make them
lick it all up for their own amusement. There are a lot of clips
containing brutal spitting action with mouth-to-mouth spit
and spit-licking from the ground – even spitting on feet is included.

Nearly every clip has its own image-gallery. A very great site for all those

Link: Spitting Femdom



March 9, 2010

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Facesitting Fetish Girls

Sexy dominant and sadistic girls use your face as their personal seat!
Thats what is all about. Currently 67 galleries with awesome shots – resolutions from 896px up to 1200px, different perspectives (pov: be part of the scenario and see their butts slowly covering your sight, 3rd view: watch those evil girls punishing and smothering their slaves and victims!).

More than 300 clips in different qualities (from low to high definition), show you how the smother-girls deal with their poor human-seats!

They struggle and fight but they cannot escape their destiny:

Beeing smothered!!! My oppinion: the beste smother-site world wide!

Link: Facesitting Girls

February 22, 2010

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Spanking and Faceslapping

Do you like violent girls? Do you like their hands slapping your face? is filled with many pictures and clips showing different
models slapping their victims with their bare hands. Those poo guys are often
bondaged or tied up – but the girls don’t care about that and keep slapping their
faces until they get red! This page is made for true lovers of sadistic girls.

But before you enter – ask yourself the following question: Are you man enough
to handle it? Those girls are brutal and won’t stop tortouring you even if you cry…

Link: Spanking Faceslapping

February 14, 2010

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Financial Domination

Have you ever said ‘no’ to a girl who asked you to do her a favor?

No? Even if she asked for your money? Well then you might have the estimation to be a moneyslave. Can you imagine the most sexy and beautiful girls asking and commanding you to hand over your wallet and money to them?

All of them already know that you cannot say “no” and they exploit it really devlish for their own use. First they take it, then they laugh about and humiliate you. But who wouldn’t be glad to worship those beauties, even if you can’t afford
your hobbies anymore…

Link: Financial Domination

January 31, 2010

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Tight Jeans Facesitting

Do you love beautiful girls wearing jeans? Do you always wish to take their full weight right on your face? Well this seems to be your site!

The most beautiful models are showing their sexy jeans-asses on

They tell you where they want you, let you take part on their smothering-sessions with their slaves and they make you become their next living-seat. Tons of pictures in different qualities, and a huge clip-archive turn this site into one of my personal favourites. The girls are really gorgeous, and I bet you would wish to serve them too…

Link: Jeans Facesitting

January 28, 2010

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Sadistic Girls

That one is an insider-tip. is for everyone who simply loves dominant women, who are doing everything to their slaves.

This page contains shoe and boot worshipping, spanking, ass-worship, foot-worship, furniture-training,
foot-stool training, sock-smelling, pov-instructions, forced pantie-smelling, pony-riding,
spitting, forced feeding, moneyslavery and much more!!! Each fetish-section offers
many galleries and clips in different qualities. A perfect allrounder for everyone
who loves many scenarios then just one!

Link: Femdom Girls



January 28, 2010

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PonyPlay Femdom

Girls riding on mens back, turning them into their ponies!

Nearly everyone whos into dominant girls, is also familiar with such a scenario –
pony-slavery is a cult. Many different cuties are shwoing you their riding-skills
and how they keep their human-ponies under control. This site contains
many high-resolution pictures, and also different quality-videos.

See them riding, slapping, torturing and also rewarding their human-pets.

Link: Pony Play



November 4, 2008

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Free Facesitting Galleries

I have some hot Free Facesitting and Femdom Galleries for your today.


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